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A whole new way of farming!

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CROPP (Cultures Risks Observation and Prevention Platform) is a platform designed to help farmers in monitoring their lands by give them real-time information about possible risks that could threaten their crops.

How it works

Monitoring Device

Monitoring System

Our mission is to provide farmers localized information about their fields health status. Our system includes local sensors for short-term measurements while optical and radar images will provide macroscopic information about the area.
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We chose to focus our attention on a severe plague for agriculture in several countries: insects invasions. We don't want you to loose your crop, so we built a system that can warn you before it is too late, so you can easily save your fields.
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Monitoring Device

Satellite image


We collect macroscopic images by using an already existing satellite constellation in order to minimize costs. We chose a LEO sun-synchronous orbit for regular passages over the interested areas.
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What is Cropp

The Team

  • Gabriele Angeletti

    BackEnd and Machine Learning developer

    Valentina Celani

    FrontEnd developer

    Giorgio Severi

    Android developer
  • Mohamed Elhariry

    Hardware developer

    Andrea Gallegati

    Aerospace Engineer

    Nicole Segala

    Aerospace Engineer
  • Andrea Di Ruscio

    Aerospace Engineer

    Virginia Notaro

    Aerospace Engineer

    Simone La Fauci

    Aerospace Engineer

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